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V. Joel Vijay

Age: 6 (8/20/2018)
Gender: Male
Country: India

Needs a sponsor


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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQs page, we hope it will answer any questions you may have about our Touch A Life.  If you can't find the answers your looking for click here to read our online brochure, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Q. How are the funds for the childís sponsorship used?
A.  Allow me to be more thorough with this answer since it involves your funds. Our philosophy is that each ministry we conduct should pay for itself and contribute to the overall ministry, for expansion and care of the children and preachers. This is how we accomplish that goal:

Ten dollars of the support is for the Final Frontiers ministry and the balance goes for the care of the child. We use those extra ten dollars per child to buy the tables, plates, forks, spoons, purchase the stove, pots, pans, water supply, pay rent, and pay the pastorís salary as an overseer and the salaries for the cooks and helpers and night guard.

Also currently, we feed about 25% more children than we have funding for. In other words, the surplus from your sponsorship helps us to care for more than just the child you sponsor. Let me explain Ö For example, if there is a family with 4 kids and one of them is sponsored, we allow the other three to eat also. How could we turn them away? If a mother comes to the center (as many do daily) whose child is not sponsored, hoping to get food, we go ahead and feed that child from the surplus ten dollars of each child. I set the program up this way for three reasons:
  • One, because I just canít see turning away a hungry child, just because he does not have a sponsor yet. If you could be there to look into their eyes I am sure you could not turn them away either.
  • Two, so that once the first center is fully operating; the extra ten dollars for each child there would then be enough to begin the next feeding center. Once the two centers are fully funded, then we will have enough to go ahead and fully fund the third while raising individual support for those kids, then that entire surplus can go to starting the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc.
  • Three, at some locations we will have to build a center so it leaves funding for that purpose without having to continually ask for help. A center will cost between $15,000 and $25,000 to build. This is a lot of money to continually take before the sponsors if we can find another way to fund them, and we believe that for the most part, we have.

Q. What does the $25 designated for the childís support provide?
A.  As stated elsewhere, this is still a larger amount than what most organizations ask for; but there is a reason for that. That reason is that we provide a higher level of care than do most. We are doing what we believe the sponsor would want us to do for their child, not doing just enough to get by. We donít just give them a bowl of gruel one day a week or when the cameras are running. We donít share the childrenís sponsorships with other ministries who are raising support for the same child or the same center. Here is what we do:
  • We feed them five days a week with a complete meal. (Meals are not served on the weekends because that is commonly a time when the family will walk out to the mountains or jungles to a little plot of land they have prepared to grow food for their family. It is a family time of sowing and harvesting. It would be wasteful to prepare food for children that would not be there to eat it.)
  • We give them a Bible story every day and teach them Bible verses and songs.
  • We give them basic medical care like providing medicines to kill worms, amoebas, parasites, etc.
  • We help with medical emergencies such as a broken bone, hospital care if hit by a car, etc.
  • We provide them with the necessities for going to school. (In many countries, education is free but you must have a uniform, shoes and supplies to attend. If not, you may be allowed to sit on the floor in the back and audit the class, but you will never receive a diploma and have no hope of advancement in life.)
  • If a child is too young to be in school we generally provide their mother with extra food or milk to help them grow.
  • If a child is slow in school, we provide tutoring for that child.
As you can see, we do a lot more than just giving them a bowl of soup one day a week or even a bowl of soup each day. We do this because you the sponsor have made a decision to literally Touch a Life.

Q. How can I have a representative come to my church, business, or group to present the ministry?
A. Sure!  It's easy, just click here.

Q . How do I join your electronic mailing list?
A. Just click here and register to subscribe, it's totally free and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Q. What is the Progress Report, and how much does it cost?
A. The Progress Report is our informative newsletter.  In it you'll find up to date information about our ministry, including photos and reports from around the world.  The Progress Report is free!  If you'd like to subscribe click here .

Q. Where can I find your statement of faith?
A. Click here to read the statement of faith.

Q. I live in Central-Eastern Georgia and have some free time, how can I help?
A. We are always looking for volunteers, for more information please contact us .

Q. What about privacy and security?
AClick here to read our privacy statement.

Q. Can I send you a check in British Pounds?
A. Yes you can, our bank will accept checks in Pounds and convert them in to US dollars.

Q. Where are you located in the United States?
A. Our address is:
    Final Frontiers Foundation, Inc.
    1200 Peachtree St.
    Louisville, GA 30434

Q. What is your Phone number, and email address?
A. Our phone number and email address:
    Telephone: 706-955-4916   Toll Free: 800-522-4324

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