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R Adhvik Rajesh

Age: 7 (8/23/2017)
Gender: Male
Country: India

Needs a sponsor


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Welcome to Touch A Life's Website

   Have you ever wanted to support a hungry and needy child like you see on television but could not because:
  • You didn’t have confidence that your support would get to where it was supposed to or
  • You wanted to feed them spiritually as well as physically.
Well we have some good news for you:
  You can help children like these get the food, education and medical attention that they deserve.
  • Our orphaned, abandoned and destitute children are all ministered to thru a local church and
  • They receive nutritious food, basic medical care, Bible lessons and learn songs, scripture and attend church.
  • They write letters to you most every month acknowledging your help and telling you about their lives and best of all
  • You can go and visit your child on one of our Visionary Trips.
   As you browse our site, you will certainly feel the motivation we had for creating this opportunity for you to help a needy child. Though we do have other sponsorship programs (as you can see in the banners at your left), we chose to highlight this as our most important outreach. Because without a doubt, when you are taking care of a helpless and hopeless child, you are truly doing ministry.

Sponsoring a child guarantees them at least 1 good, healthy meal a day along with medical attention and other needs. Please read through our site to find out how your sponsorship would help a child.
     In the past, our assistance to children was geared to orphaned children only, but as we have traveled the world, we have seen that though a child may have a mother or father, they can still live in abject poverty and still need our love and care. That is why we now support abandoned and destitute children as well.

   With your help, we can provide that care in a way that not only benefits the child, but also the church and the community he lives in.

   For only $35 monthly, you can choose and support your own child and touch their life forever. Why so much? To be honest, we feel that supporting a child requires more than just one meal a week. We provide nutritious meals five days a week or more, as well as biblical instruction, letters most every month to the you, the sponsor, basic medical care and educational assistance. The real question is, how do we do so much with so little?

   And best of all, we won’t send you a photo “like the child you are supporting” we will send you photos, ,personal letters and complete data on your own child, one that no one else in the world is supporting except you.

   We invite you to read all about our program and policies and to read the biographies of the children as well. I hope you will consider helping one or more of these precious “gifts of God”.

For more information contact:
TAL Children's Rescue Centers, Inc. (a 501(C3) corporation)
1200 Peachtree St.
Louisville, GA. 30434
Telephone: 706-955-4916 Toll Free: 800-522-4324
FAX: 706-955-4908

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