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Sonia Raquel Pineda Flores

Age: 17 (7/29/2006)
Gender: Female
Country: Honduras

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       In Sonias house, which has only one room, the only furniture you will find other than the bed is a table and one plastic chair. In spite of the fact that they have no electricity and have to light the little house using a candle, they do have running water that they get through a hose and out back, they have a latrine. This is a real luxury for them. The roof of her house is part tin sheeting and part roofing tiles. These are the semi-circle clay tiles that are common in Latin culture only theirs are made by hand as are the mud bricks from which they made their house.

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A. Sagara Sandeep

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Fully supported

Country: India
City: Madhala Vari Pallem
Location in city:
Age: 16 (5/9/2007)
Gender: Male
Status: Destitute
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