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Our Six Steps of
Direct Accountability

  The sponsor sends his child’s support to the Final Frontiers/Touch a Life office in Louisville, GA. A sponsor may be:
  • a family
  • an individual
  • a Sunday School class
  • a Bible Study group or
  • a church
  That funding, along with any instructions for special gifts, etc. is then sent to the Touch a Life Director and used to purchase the food, uniforms, gifts, etc. for your child as you have provided.  
  The child writes a letter to you his sponsor by his own hand or with the help of his guardian or the Touch a Life Director.  
  The child's letter is translated as necessary, and returned to the home office in Louisville, GA by the Touch a Life Director.  
  The information from the child's form are recorded, and a copy of his report is made and filed for our permanent records.  
  The original report form, along with the translations as necessary, and a note of appreciation, is mailed you, the sponsor.