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Dani Noe Pineda Cardona

Age: 14 (5/2/2005)
Gender: Male
Country: Honduras

Needs a sponsor

       This child is still too young for kindergarten but he is looking forward to next year when he will be a big boy and can go to school like all the others. For now he stays home and helps his mom around the house and fills his days with imaginary adventures. He has no toys to play with but dreams of having a soccer ball, cars and stuffed animals.

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Roman Rakushinetz

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Needs a sponsor

Country: Ukraine
Location in city: Mukachevo
Age: 9 (8/2/2010)
Gender: Male
Status: Destitute
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If you would like to sponsor this child for $35.00 a month then you can by two ways:
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If you would like to sponsor this child for $35.00 a month by sending in a sponsorship form then follow these instructions.
  • Click here to download the sponsorship form for this child.

  • Print out the form and fill out the information.

  • Send the completed form to:
    Touch A Life
    1200 Peachtree St.
    Louisville, GA. 30434, USA
If you have any queries about sponsoring a child please send an email to:

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