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Kensy Yanory Garcia Lanza

Age: 15 (11/8/2007)
Gender: Female
Country: Honduras

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Paul Saukku bai

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Needs a sponsor

Country: India
Location in city: Khandhal
Age: 18 (6/23/2004)
Gender: Male
Status: Other
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Paul's mother became a Temple prostitute at the of 12. When her Temple prostitute grandmother was about to die, she took her to the temple and got her married to the goddess Yellamma. She did so ,as to keep temple prostitution tradition to continue in the family. So she was helpless and served the temple and the male devotees and ended up begging on the streets, once she lost her physical charm became a non-entity and had to survive on the streets by begging and entertaining any low income customers, as such her son and other siblings had to live on the streets.

By God grace gospel was preached to her, she wept when she came to know that the Lord Jesus Christ came down to this earth so that we may have life eternal. She gave her heart to Christ confessing her sins and feeling remorse for the cruelty done to her by her parents and grandmother in the name of false religion, now she gave up prostitution and began to work in the farm as agriculture laborer. Her daughter and son who could never go to school nor did they live peacefully , because they never had a house or a place to stay, until she came to Christ and found her purpose in the Lord, that she managed to find a small rented shack. It is then she gave Christian names to her two younger sons.

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