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Yovany Isau Contreras

Age: 7 (4/22/2015)
Gender: Male
Country: Honduras

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Wilson Daniel Cerrato Cardona

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Fully supported

Country: Honduras
City: Bartolo
Location in city: Cantaranas
Age: 20 (7/22/2002)
Gender: Male
Status: Destitute
Support Application (609KB)

I am four years old and live in a small village in Honduras called Bartolo. Bartolo is in the mountains and it takes two hours to walk to the neares village over rought terrain. My father works in the fields but he only earns about $21 a week. My mother works in the tomato fields and earns around $19 a week. I am 2' 10" tall and weigh 21lbs.

I live in a three room house that has walls made from mud blocks. The roof is made of tin and the floor is just dirt. I sleep at night in a wooden bed and have to use a kerosene lantern for light as we do not have electricity. I live in the house with my parents and my other four siblings. The house does have running water and a flushable toilet.

I am not old enough to go to school yet. The only toy I have is a little car and I would love to one day have some more toy cars and a ball. My favorite color is green. Our typical meals consist of rice, beans, tortillas and I often eat bean soup.

Wilson has not yet accepted Christ as his personal Savior. With your support though he will attend Sunday school and be taught bible stories and sing hymns while at the feeding center
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